Thursday, April 16, 2015

This new year and SPRING!

This year has been amazing so far, haven't posted anything lately, but i sure have been going full throttle in artwork and at my church as well. I've been getting prepared Spiritually to fly to the Philipines at the end of May to preach the Gospel at a youth conference in Manila. Still have artwork hanging in Austin Texas at Ephoch Coffeehouse until the end of April. Had an art show this past March as the featured artist at Peck Art Gallery and it was a success! Big thanks to Mary and Jennifer peck for helping me in that. painted the new Puerto Rican food truck on 61st here in Galveston and had a couple snags with the city but its going strong as we speak and their food is wonderful, check em out at /jennyfromtheblocktx on Facebook. Started up a new installation in a clients house that is exciting and my original ideas, continuing these designs this month in other areas of their house. The Skatepark ministry on Tuesdays from 430pm -530pm has been amazing as far as leading the kids to Christ and just being a good influence on them helping the community. Lots of opportunity to come out there and help by contacting me (409) 939-8050 Big thanks to all of you who have come out to support the arts and culture and just being there means a lot to me! All the glory to God!