Wednesday, December 10, 2014


HEY YALL! Been having a blast this past month with vacation in Los Angeles! Got to visit my older brother in venice and my other older brother in Ojai near ventura. Had a blast with them, got back and had a show at Soundwaves which was a success cause i had some good dear artist friends show work with me such as Sophia Buddenhagen, Abelito Garza, and Corey Labuff. Successful night! the next day i got to go out and support my Crossfit coach and friends whitnee, arron, and Rochelle dominate in the pistols and guns competition. coach richie and whitnee placed third. I am showing at Texas Surf Co. december 20th for a last minute art sale christmas sale for those of you that are interested in art as a christmas gift! Give all the glory to Christ who makes these things happen in my life! thank you all that support me in each endeavor!