Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Well hello fellow FRIENDS, so many endeavors have happened since my last post in June. The Summer is over and the Fall is midway. God has done amazing things since I got back from the Philippines! Lots of fun with artwork of course, a lot of commission work. Monkey nest coffeehouse 24/7 has a few pieces of mine in Austin, TX to show for the month of November.The Galveston Parrot put my VW bus on the front of their cover in their magazine. Painted a gym amazing texans colors, did a few newer walls such as, Hue Festival in Downtown Houston curated by Gonzo247. Recently painted Austin Middle School library in Galveston, they couldn't be happier with their brand new mural. Painted with some world known artist such as FPLO, PEZ, COPE2, NEZZ,ZEN-full, WGF CREW, ETC.The word of God was taught in a camp meeting in Tulsa, OK at FIRE FOR THE NATIONS, what a blast to see 50k raised in literally 5 minutes for a missionary couple from brazil trying to build a church! Got to go with my Island Church staff and my bro friend Lucio V. and what a blast it was. Brandy and I have enjoyed a few date nights on the towns as well and boy, oh boy, is life exciting with her! Commission work hasn't been so much fun, been working on a greetings from Galveston card, the size of 36"x48" to make prints as well. Just hung works at Bennu coffshop in Austin, TX. My church broke ground in mid October next to the justice center and what a turn out. My best friend Austin Garrison got married this past weekend to the love of his life Brittany and I can't be happier to see them happy and in love together with each other! My buddy David Gomez and his wife Alyssa started a Zine//ForeverAdvenura in august and what a hit it was for a zine premier at Toxic City Comics. Ramon Poke Mendoza has gotten married and Yana is her name and love is there game and happiness is their fame. In other news, there are lots of up and coming murals here in Galveston, also the A&M wall on 39th and ave M in galveston, TX will be a Christmas theme finished production this week of november 11th to be announced when finished. LOVE YOU ALL for your support!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ALL around the world!

Wow! what a month it has been! All the way around the world to the Philippines to preach the word at a youth conference and reach the lost for Christ! what else is there to be said, but what a powerful time it was! Me and Cody got to go to some of the slums of the world! How humbling of an experience and I cannot wait to go back next year to life conference again. Saw some of the wildest areas of my life, a beach made of pure trash with about 1000 villages on the beach made of trash and washed up wood. It is crazy to see the contrast from american and the Philippines and discover how blessed and spoiled sometimes we are. My life will never be the same. Painting in front of 1500 kids and being able to preach that God has blessed me with a talent to give back to God was a dream come true and it inspired many kids to do the same. We hung out with some amazing people at Pastor Paul Chase's church, to mention some names: Jon and Anna Curtis,Pastor Rean, Pastor Mond, Pastor Paul, Pastor Erik, Pastor Gerric, Jay, and the whole youth crew! So many people so generous with their time to take care of us while we were there i cannot thank you enough. After a whole 9 days in PH we then traveled to Hong Kong for a few days to visit the Fischer's at Faith Family church and wow what an amazing time there as well. Got there and what a change of pace as far as more people in such a small city! packed to the brim everywhere we went! riding all the transportation was an experience in itself. Got to hang out with Joab fischer a lot and their intern Candice, such good people and what a heart for God those friends have! So happy to be back and so many art commissions and walls to be done as well, got on it asap! check em out! Big thanks to Chirst Jesus for all the safety and protection while we were gone and all the provision!