Tuesday, December 18, 2012


was a great show this past friday! check out the pictures

SOUTHER SPEARS SURF SHOP, big thanks to DAMIEN for making it happen

watching the Billabong pip masters, PARKO TAKIN IT HOME FOR THE AUSSIE'S and winning the title

gabriel prusmack and sophia buddenhagen artwork

 Rob henson photography
had an awesome print on slate and glass BLOWN AWAY!

Gtown surf by Billy blues with great galveston photo scenery and surf shooting

crowds were great!
thanks to all the artist that came and showed awesome surf art/regular work

hey i know this girl! shes my beautiful GF

me and my sista!

Rob gettin some surf art

David Voight's brother came threw all the way up from port A and had some wild awesom photography from california

CHristmas party afterwards

Big thanks to all who were there to support, missed out on Gscott bein there to show some work but hey Hawaii aint a bad place to miss an artshow. GLORY TO GOD for EVERYTHING!