Thursday, August 28, 2014


These past two weeks have been nonstop fun and such a blast. One of my best friends, Natalie Martin went to bible school in Tulsa Oklahoma and I'm super stoked on what God is doing in her life! My brother and sister in law came in from california to hang out! Got to place 22nd out of 41 people in the Moody Gardens "Gauntlet" cross fit competition presented by Crossfit Reign. thank you richie san gregory for helping me train for the comp. and all of Crossfit galveston for supporting me and George Guttierez for killing it! Big thanks to my friend Rob from RVCA for helping support those legit shorts I'm sporting! Right after the competition i hhad Artwalk at PeckArts gallerias well....busy freaking saturday!! Painted some fart work per usual, coming up with newer design works with fully blasted colors! God is so Good! ...even got to bless my sister with an early bday gift of her and her dog that passed away R.I.P. zach. ALSO MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! September 2nd marks the day i turn 27 years young and kicking and jumping! going to have a crazy hair-do pizza party the day of! CANT WAIT! check out my new website @

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

where are we here?

Re-cap on a few new things happening like my website taking off, ART show, fun commissions, Gospel tent crusade, art prints, and a new 2012 toyota highlander! so blessed am i and thank God! having a good ole time here in Texas!Just want to thank everyone for all the support! #Jesus #islandchurch #parents #friends #RVCA #Kreedeyewear #nixon