Wednesday, December 10, 2014


HEY YALL! Been having a blast this past month with vacation in Los Angeles! Got to visit my older brother in venice and my other older brother in Ojai near ventura. Had a blast with them, got back and had a show at Soundwaves which was a success cause i had some good dear artist friends show work with me such as Sophia Buddenhagen, Abelito Garza, and Corey Labuff. Successful night! the next day i got to go out and support my Crossfit coach and friends whitnee, arron, and Rochelle dominate in the pistols and guns competition. coach richie and whitnee placed third. I am showing at Texas Surf Co. december 20th for a last minute art sale christmas sale for those of you that are interested in art as a christmas gift! Give all the glory to Christ who makes these things happen in my life! thank you all that support me in each endeavor!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

living life to the fullest

hanging work this month in Houston at The Mariago Collective and will be speaking november 13th thursday at 630pm about my work, COME OUT AND HEAR ME! commission work at its finest with a Kstate logo in a texas state cutout haha oh well. been coin what i do with the cross fit crew team cutterbups. got to see my good buddy and trainer get married to his beautiful bride krystle! so stoked for them! Putting the Testimony documentary with larry west fall and daniel together to finish before the year is up! Got some exciting things coming up and the Move of God in my life to help bless more and more people!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

furniture,graffiti,cross fit,family, church,friends,star wars.

painted at meeting of styles in Houston texas this week with some amazing artists! my crew MCT.RSA saw some amazing work and inspiring to the max! watched my friends "DEEP CUTS" play at cactus store on portismouth drive. Houston. made leighs for my sister and momma bear. did 4 workouts with team cutterbups sunday afternoon for cross fit games online teams. started my hand on painting furniture more this week. star wars is always a fun theme to paint, got to paint something for my buddy lucio. left a few unsold items at Galeria Regina on 1716 richmond rd. in Houston. LOVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST

Monday, September 8, 2014

surf! friends and fun!

this past week was my birthday! had a blast with my friend and family! SURF HAS BEEN SO FUN TOO! boom!